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Compassion 2.0: Secular & Organizational

Compassion is not an emotion. 

Compassion is an orientation towards recognizing others and being motivated to take action in support of their well-being. 

Can this exist in our organizations? Can it make our organizations stronger and enhance flourishing?

We invite you to an exploration into how compassion can be implemented in any industry and positively affect institutional culture, employee engagement and productivity, DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion), corporate social responsibility (CSR) and more. With culture and engagement enhanced, we are actively looking at the financial benefit that systems designed with compassion as a driver will have on the bottom line.

We envision a "community of practice of compassion" for professionals at any level in an institution to find policies, best practices, and resources to bring back to their organization for implementation. Community members will come away from our explorations invigorated and with new techniques and practices to change their organization at the group, team, department, division or entity level.

We believe that we are moving into an era where concern and care for "the other" will become more important for the continued well being of our organizations, our communities, our nations and ultimately for the well-being for all of humanity. COVID-19, BLM, blatant economic inequality, and other societal issues are never before calling us towards empathy,  and compassion in a way that must serve the larger world.

Who are we? 

We are a community of professional change agents who are bringing compassion into the organizations where we work, we educate our children, in our law enforcement, and more.

Over the past 15 or so years, neuroscientists have turned their attention to the study of compassionate and people's behavior. They have preliminary evidence that the human has prosocial wiring in the brain, and that when we act for the benefit of others, we experience positive reinforcement for doing so.  We are wired for pro-social  behavior.

The implications of this are profound and very far reaching, from how organizations operate at the micro level, to how economic theory needs to be broad in its scope and include pro social motivations as part of the over economic picture at the macro level.

Most importantly, we believe that compassion can, and should, be brought into our organizational work life, in order to reduce the negative results that come from fear and subtle intolerance of "Other."


Why do we call our effort “Compassion 2.0”? 

In our view, Compassion 1.0 could be defined as a “non-secular, individual virtue.” Because compassion is a virtue found in most major religious, spiritual and philosophical systems, people would go to their church/synagogue/temple and receive teachings from the teacher, often which would include compassion as a virtuous framework for an individual to model and to bring to all facets of their lives: work, family, friends, civic life, etc.

Today this has changed, and an additional framework of compassion can be brought to organization - namely moving compassion from non-secular to a secular organizations and from an individual virtue to an organizing/operational principle for the group.

With this new framing, we are presented with a range of opportunities to explore how we can operationalize compassion and bring it to all human/group based activities: business, k-12 education, academia, medicine, law enforcement, etc, so that all who engage in a compassionate based organization may have a deeper and more peaceful experience with both others they engage with, and ultimately themselves.


We welcome you to participate in this learning effort.

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Compassion 2.0

Compassion 2.0 is a new community of organizational professionals creating compassionate organizations that generate tangible business results while changing the world for the better.

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