Resilience: Caring for Self, Caring for Other
A Professional Community and initial Gathering to explore the Business Case for Compassionate Organizations

Mount Madonna Center, Santa Cruz Mountains, April 12th-14th, 2023

We are a new community of organizational professionals creating compassionate organizations that generate tangible business results while changing the world for the better.

Why Compassion "2.0"?

Traditionally compassion has been taught as an individual virtue in the context of a religious framework. Compassion in this context is a value that is shared by virtually all major spiritual, religious, and philosophical systems. We think of this as  "Compassion 1.0."

Today, recent neuroscience research has demonstrated, layman's terms,  that Compassion is not just a nice idea, but it is actually a combination of processes within the function of the brain, and these functions were developed as part of an evolutionary process for group affiliation.

We have also noticed a new trend of visionary business leaders who understand the tangible benefits of bringing mindfulness and compassion into the organizational environment. They intuitively already know that "psychological safety", or compassionate-based environments, promote organizational excellence as members feel safe, take risks, solve complex problems and innovate in product development. Compassion is now also an organizational principle rather than simply an individual virtue and is embraced now by both non-secular and secular organizations. We call this embrace by organizations as an operating principle "Compassion 2.0."


We are calling out to visionary leaders to join us. We are gathering a core group of 50 thought leaders, business visionaries, academics, and practitioners of all kinds to join us in this inaugural conference and community building to explore practices of self-compassion. empathy development, compassion, psychological safety, moving beyond Othering and more, to collectively build combined thought leadership on how to "Operationalize Compassion" in our organizations. Businesses, Hospitals, schools/education, public sector, non-profits are all able to perform a better manner when the members working at the organization feel safe and supported.


Compassion 2.0 will explore the business case for compassion in organizations as a framework for excellence in human relationships and operational execution.

We anticipate most attendees will have a sense of the business benefits of an organization that supports human flourishing, and in many ways trying to drive to an understanding of ROI is not necessary.

However not all colleagues might not readily understand the benefits. Our gathering is aimed to surface the broad range of benefits so that the practice is more tangible to those that might not yet see the value.

Questions we will explore include:

- What are the KPIs of a Compassionate Organization if any?
- What is the ROI of a Compassionate Organization if at all?
- Where does Compassion show up and bring benefit within a business process?
- What and where are the "Compassion Touchpoints" in business?
- How does the role of "Other" transform into an "Us" and what are the tangible business benefits for that transformation?
- What sorts of human interactive structures can be put into an Organizational process to have people feel safe, and surface good ideas?


Learn from Leading professionals working in the field today

Compassion 2.0 has gathered a roster of renowned speakers, not just your usual talking heads, but the people who are at the forefront of compassion research, practice, and implementation in corporate environments.

You’ll also connect with other people just like yourself, who are not only curious about the role of compassion in their own lives but also hold a genuine desire to spread compassion to their communities and places of work.

Experience the Practices & Explore the Operationalization of Compassion

Compassion 2.0 has been structured to provide our attendees experiences that will help them as individuals receive practices and explore the business case, and to allow business leaders to determine if a Compassion 2.0 gathering would be beneficial for their own organization. If so, a Compassion 2.0 event would be available for your own organization.

Programming is focused on 3 main topics: Self Compassion, Compassion for Others and how to Operationalize Compassion in your organization.

Self Compassion

Part 1 of the programming includes practices for Self Compassion and renewal. You will be presented a few practices from well known mindfulness teachers, as well as be able to take advantage of the treatments available at Mount Madonna Center.

Compassion for Others

Part 2 of the programming includes presentations around the topic of "Other" with practices on how to overcome this in organizations. Additionally, there will be presentations regarding the role of Council as a leadership and management tool.

Operationalize Compassion

Part 3 of the programming includes a deep dive into the business case of compassion and how leaders can bring back a framework for their own team or organization, and tangible business case arguments for colleauges who are skeptical.

Day 1: Compassionate Organizations & Caring for Self

Monica Worline

Anatomy of a Compassionate

Monica C. Worline, PhD, Stanford CCARE
Chris Hutchinson

Culture, Compassion

Chris Murchison
former VP Culture, Hope Lab
Margaret Cullen

Equanimity, the quiet virtue

Margaret Cullen, MFT

Self Care in and out of the work environment

Lori Schwanbeck, MFT
shauna shapiro

Rewire your mind: the power of mindfulness & self compassion

Shauna Shapiro, Ph.D
Santa Clara Universeity
Derek Lundsten

Communities of Care - Role of Self

Derek Lundsten, President
Life Guides

Day 2: Compassionate Organizations & Caring for Other


Moving Past Othering

Diane Johnon

Mmapeu Consulting
Chris Hutchinson

Culture, Compassion Collage

Chris Murchison
former VP Culture, Hope Lab
Clause Silver

Belonging & Bravery

Claude Silver

Vayner Media
Jared Seide

Council as a Structure of Compassion

Jared Seide

Center for Council

Council as a Structure for Compassion

Dr. Ann Siede

Center for Council
Derek Lundsten

Communities of Care - Role of Other

Derek Lundsten

Life Guides

Day 3: Business Case Deep Dive


Ruchika Sikri

Monica Worline

Monica C. Worline, PhD, Stanford CCARE
Chris Hutchinson

Chris Murchison
former VP Culture, Hope Lab
BOULDER, CO - NOVEMBER 23: Portrait of Nick Whitaker at Google on November 23, 2022, in Boulder, Colorado. (Photo by Daniel Petty/A&D Creative)

Nicholas Whitaker
former Google
& Coach
Clause Silver

Claude Silver

Vayner Media

Venue: Mount Madonna Center in the Santa Cruz Mountains

Mount Madonna Center is located on 380 acres of redwoods and grasslands, this peaceful haven is a place where you can step back, slow down, and reconnect to your center, to nature, and to a more authentic flow of life.

MMC is home to a residential community of practitioners committed to the study of Ashtanga Yoga. The center offers trails, a spa, yoga classes, ayurvedic treatments and supplies, a bookstore, a cafe, and more.

Registration options

Stay at MMC | Stay locally | Virtual attendence

Compassion 2.0 offers several different ways to attend the event. You can attend key presentations sessions virtually, you can stay in your own lodging or you can come and stay at Mount Madonna Center for the full experience.

Residential Conference Attendees: We have 40 single rooms that we can have available for those that want to come and stay at the Center. For those that do, we will be including additional evening programming for those attendees only.

Residential attendees will also have additional access to speakers and other benefits listed below.

  • Two nights lodging

    Private room or cabin at Mount Madonna Center.

  • Two and a half days of content

    From people who are at the forefront of compassion research, practice and implementation in corporate environments.

  • Opportunities to connect with other professionals

    Who are not only curious about the role of compassion in their own lives, but also hold a genuine desire to spread compassion to their communities and places of work.

  • Healthy, vegetarian meals

    Fresh, high quality ingredients, incorporating organic and local products whenever possible, in lovingly prepared menu.

  • Hiking trails

    Through the redwood forest and breath-taking views of Monterey Bay.

  • Exclusive Professional Network

    Residential attendees will be invited to be a part of the initial core group of professionals that will comprise the Compassion 2.0 Professional Network. This will offer additional events, exclusive Salons with other thought leaders, networking, a directory, and a repository of best practices.

  • A visit to the Spa

    Enjoy a massage, Ayurvedic treatment or Ayurvedic Consultation at no additional cost.

  • Yoga classes

    Mount Madonna Center offers yoga classes. Learn about the breath, one-pointed concentration, and physical body movement.

  • Arati ceremony

    The Temple at MMC offers morning and evening ceremonies of light in honor of the Hindu symbol of service to others, Hanuman and the remover of obstacles, Ganesha.

  • Super Swag Bag

    You will receive copies of the books from our presenters, T-shirt from Life Guides, and more!

Sponsors & Partners

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Compassion 2.0

Compassion 2.0 is a new community of organizational professionals creating compassionate organizations that generate tangible business results while changing the world for the better.

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