Compassion 2.0 is a professional learning community aimed at supporting professionals who would like to be practitioners in bringing compassion to their organization as an operational framework. This is uncharted territory, with a range of brilliant people exploring this topic from a variety of perspectives. Our focus is to bring these multidisciplinary and multi perspectives together. We do this by focusing on several themes that we think will be helpful for the compassion practitioner. 


We explore these themes through the combination of the work of our Thought Leaders and the community membership as well as using different formats of content and interaction that best serves the discussion. This includes interview formats for podcasts, Thought Leader interaction with membership in salons, multi day summits including panels and group conversations, and conferences following the "unconference" format.


Outputs & Deliverables:  

The work done through the exploration will result in a variety of outputs and deliverables that will benefit the professional working to bring compassion into their organization. Outputs will include suggested policies, procedures, best practices, research/information, legislation support through our partners, and other resources created that are practical/tactical and helpful for the practitioner.


3 Themes:

Compassion 2.0 will focus our attention on the exploration of 3 different themes. 


  1. “Systemic Otherism: How do we move to from Me/You to We?” - We will explore Othering from a range of perspectives, including Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, the research in neuroscience, and looking at best practices to move from Me/You to We in an individual and at the organizational level. 


  1. “Compassionate Orgs: How do we evaluate the benefits of a Compassion oriented organization?” - if we could waive a magic wand and make all organizations centered from a compassionate framework, how would we describe the benefits? What is the impact on performance of the organization, and how has it come about? We want to provide frameworks for compassion practitioners to be able to share insight into the benefits of this work to those that might not be familiar with the concepts.


  1. “A Compassionate Economics: What would the macro and micro economic system look like if we leaned into the prosocial behavior that humans are wired to do?” Inspired by Dr. Tania Singer, we will explore what it would look like to have a frame of economics, both micro and macro, that is centered around not just self interest, but care for others in a transactional framework of the exchange of value? BCorps, social ventures and social impact organizations have been exploring this topic for years, and with the advent of the statement of the Roundtable of CEOs, this concept of shareholder value has come into the mainstream. 


Each of these topics is designed to bring forward a new vision and implementation of compassion that allows humans who are working together towards the goals of an organization, can do so in a more humane manner, with a higher quality of life experience, and the reduction of organizational friction and suffering.


Our learning journey format is aimed to be as participatory as possible. While we are still in the period of COVID19, our activities will be virtual, and where possible, in person but socially distant. Once COVID19 is no longer a threat, we will include many in person small group events as well as larger conferences.

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Compassion 2.0

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