Sponsors & Promotional Partners

Is your organization interested in joining the Compassion 2.0 Community?

The Compassion 2.0 Community is a collection of professionals with a common theme of changing the organizations in all aspects of our lives to have greater connection, greater understanding, internal psychological safety, and individual well-being.

We are building a network of networks across many different areas:

- Diversity Equity and Inlusion

- Corporate Social Responsibility

- Mindfulness & Wellness

- Social Venture Entrepreneuers

- B Corps

- Social Impact organizations

- Businesses

- Non-profits

- Medical community

- Law Enforcement

- K-12 Education

- Academia


If your organization is in alignment with our community focus, we would welcome your organization to join us in our work.

Two ways for your organization to join our community: Promotional & Sponsor Partnerships

Promotional Partnership

This is a non-financial partnership where your organization will become a "Compassion 2.0 Community Partner" and will agree to do the following activitites based on what makes sense for your organization.
- Promote C2 activities on your social media platforms - LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

- Provide a section in your newsletter with our upcoming events.

- Provide use of your logo to be placed on our website Community Partners section

- Provide outbound email blasts to your membership when your organization feels it is appropriate

- C2 will promote your organization's events on our social media properties

- C2 will promote your organization's events on in our newsletter

- C2 will promote your key events to our membership if we feel it is a really good match


Sponsor Partnership

Sponsor Partners can take advantage of our audience to promote their brand, products, events, etc.  C2 has many different opportunities to reach a large, and growing audience of professionals working to further compassion in their organizations across a range of interests. Contact us to discuss how we might work together, [email protected].

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Compassion 2.0

Compassion 2.0 is primarily sponsored by Benevolently, a technology platform for acts of altruism, used by enterprises, and community organizations.

If you wish to partner with us as a sponsor, promotional partner, or thought leader, contact:

[email protected]
831-586-8623 ext. 23

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